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PDF Otter is the most hassle-free way to fill in PDFs.

How It Works


Get started by uploading a PDF. Don't worry, we won't ask you to sign up or pay to download your filled in PDF. This is truly free.

Fill in

Select where you want text to appear on your document and fill the fields out. Style them however you'd like.


Download or print your filled in document. They are deleted after 24 hours. Optionally sign-up to keep your files or share PDF Otter with friends.


How is this free?

We built this editor to show off the PDF Otter API. Our API customers help keep this tool available for free. Are you a developer or have a cool idea for the API? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Can I add a signature to the PDF?

You can select a script font like Dancing Script from the font options to make text look like a signature. This is usually fine if the delivery mechanism you use to send your document can verify your identity. However, this is technically not an e-signature or digital signature that can be linked to you.

How do I fill in checkboxes or radio buttons?

PDF Otter mainly applies text to the PDF you pass into it. However, that doesn't mean you can't fill in a form with radio buttons or checkboxes. Just type in 'X' over the selection's radio button or checkbox and the recipient of the form will understand that it means you selected that option.

What kinds of PDFs do you support?

We support PDFs that are less than 10MB and whose pages don't vary in size. If you want to use PDF Otter for an unsupported PDF, please reach out to us at

Can I save my template to reuse it?

Yes, but saving the template requires you to sign up. If you sign up after filling in a PDF, your templates and files will be carried over to your account. In that case, we won't delete the files after 24hrs. We'll leave it to you to delete them manually.

When can I add an image to my PDF?

This feature isn't supported yet. Adding images is on our roadmap. Want this or any other feature now? Email us at and we'll consider prioritizing it!

What We're Hearing

PDF Otter saved us many hours filling out contracts and agreements for our vendors.
Dan Palumbo
CTO, Pillow
It was very easy - I was ready for a long night but PDF Otter made filling these documents in so simple.
Luciano Arango
Founder, Quiki (YC '17)
Couldn't have asked for a better product in the legal space. One word: lifesaver.
Jordan Simkin
Director, PinPoint Legal Marketing

API Pricing

per PDF
  • Dedicated Support

    We're available for any questions you have. Email us at or click 'Chat with us' at the bottom right corner of the page to ask us anything.

  • API Access

    There are no hoops to jump through to use our API. Just sign up and start filling in your PDF templates. We even provide test API keys so you can test your integration for free.

  • Integration Help

    We helped dozens of companies use PDF Otter to solve various problems. We love hearing about our customers' needs. It helps us build a better product.

  • Self-Hosting

    PDF Otter doesn't save anything you don't want it to. You can use the API to fill in a PDF that you store on your end without a record of it on PDF Otter.